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Herschell Gordon Lewis – Blood Feast

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Herschell Gordon Lewis – Blood Feast (Epics International, 1988)

The shocking, unexpurgated novelization of America’s first Splatter film! From the Godfather of Gore!

Nubile young virgins comprised a uniquely perverted feast

Apparently, this is its first publication since the 1963 original, with a new author’s introduction How ‘Blood Feast’ Came To Be, and eight pages of gory stills to commemorate the grand occasion.

Plot-wise its all fairly straightforward. Caterer Fuad Ramses is a murder and mutilation fiend with a mission. He needs female body parts to perform the sacred rituals that will restore the Princess Ishtar to life. Sergeant Bull Schitt is hot on his trail but can do nothing to prevent Ramses one-man crime-wave as his unfortunate victims are sliced and diced in increasingly gruesome ways. Will the madman get to revive his mummy or can Schitt prevent the …. BLOOD FEAST?

Pure unadulterated garbage.


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