Souvenirs Of Terror

fiendish film & TV show tie-ins

Index: by Tv title

Index by TV title:

Count Dracula – Gerald Savory (Corgi, 1977)
Duel – Richard Matheson [in Duel: Horror Stories Of The Road ed. ‘William Pattrick’ (W. H. Allen, 1987: Star, 1987)]
Frankenstein: The True Story – Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy (Avon, 1973)
The Ghosts Of Motley Hall – Richard Carpenter (Puffin, 1977)
The Green Man – Kingsley Amis (Penguin 1988, originally, Jonathan Cape, 1969)
Jack The Ripper – Mark Daniel (Penguin, 1988)
The Man From UNCLE #6: The Vampire Affair – David McDaniel (Ace, 1966)
The Mind Beyond – Irene Shubik (Penguin, 1976)
Mystery and Imagination – Bryan Douglas – (Fontana 1968)
The Night Stalker – Jeff Rice (Pocket Books, 1973)
The Partridge Family #5: Terror By Night – Vic Crume (Curtis, 1971)
Supernatural – Robert Muller (Fontana, 1977)
Tales Of The Unexpected – Roald Dahl (Penguin, 1979, 1984)
Thriller – Ted Hart (Fontana 1975)
Vincent Price Presents: The Price Of Fear Edited by Richard Davis (Everest, 1976)

I know this section is way paltry at present but hopefully it will flesh out in time :(


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