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Michel Parry – Countess Dracula

Posted by demonik on August 2, 2007

Michel Parry – Countess Dracula (Sphere, 1971: Beagle, 1971)

Michel Parry - Countess Dracula

The Countess was old. But she had discovered the secret of eternal youth – a secret which spread death and despair among the peasants on her estates. After her husband’s death the Countess quickly chose a young lieutenant of the Hussars to take his place in her bed.

Michel Parry - Countess Dracula flip


There was also a later Redemption edition (1995) that we don’t talk about. Is that Carol Vorderman on the cover or what ??


Countess Dracula - Redemption edition


5 Responses to “Michel Parry – Countess Dracula”

  1. christine said

    Best Bathory film ever made. “I prefer you as you are, not as a jaded young slut from a whorehouse”. Old lover commented something like that to the rejuvanated Countess. Ageless wisdom, even if the film sucks young audience a bit..

  2. demonik said

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on these, christine. I adore “Countess Dracula” and Michel Parry’s more than capable tie-in stands up very well as a novel in its own right and is worth seeking out. The Redemption edition would maybe have benefited from using film stills instead of their usual “sexy” blood-oozing models approach which, seems to me, fast wears thin.

  3. christine said

    I agree. Being a Hammer fan i would prefer stills from the film itself. And the novelisations of Hammers interesting 1970s output is something i am ready to find to my collection anytime.

  4. demonik said

    A great place to find all the Hammer titles you’ll have to look out for is:

  5. I’ve got this (bought it when it first came out, I think). I like the novel and love the original cover.

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