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Ronald Holmes – Witchfinder General

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Ronald Holmes – Witchfinder General (Pan, 1968: Herbert Jenkings, 1966)

Ronald Holmes - Witchfinder General

A vivid, colourful and brutal novel – based on the life of Matthew Hopkins, one of the most vicious Englishmen who ever lived.

While Cavaliers and Roundheads are locked in bloody combat, Hopkins – self-appointed Witchfinder General – wages a savage war against the helpless under the pretext they are servants of Satan. Mercilessly he satisfies his appetite for lust and cruelty by spreading a trail of terror through the Eastern Counties. And with every innocent death his purse grew heavier …

Holmes Witchfinder General 2

Hilary Dwyer as Sam and Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General, as they appear in a scene from the new Tigon screen version of this book. Produced by Arnold Miller, Philip  Waddilove and Louis M. Heyward, the picture is directed by Micheal Reeves. Executive Producer Tony Tenser. Released by Tigon Pictures Ltd.

‘A catalogue of horror’ Eastern Daily Press
‘There is a degree of authenticity that makes the blood run cold’ Cambridge News

Two other great historical novels by Ronald Bassett in PAN



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