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Dean Owen – Reptilicus

Posted by demonik on December 22, 2009

Dean Owen – Reptilicus (Monarch, June 1961)


Reptilicus, the gargantuan prehistoric monster, crouched on the ocean bottom, ready to take off on another destruc­tive rampage. A depth charge thundered. One of the beast’s legs ripped from the body and was blown out of the sea. General Grayson looked at the girl beside him, wondering if he would live to enjoy Connie’s warm, vibrant flesh again. Svend Alstrup, his aide, was remembering Karen’s wanton seduction of him and hoping for a repeat performance.
Suddenly, Grayson panicked, realizing that if they blew the animal to pieces, each section could grow into a new monster. That was the ultimate danger — a whole new generation of giant, reptilian monstrosities roaming the earth and annihilating civilization.
He gave the order to cease firing …

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Antonia Barber – The Amazing Mr Blunden

Posted by demonik on December 22, 2009

Antonia Barber – The Amazing Mr Blunden (Puffin, 1972)


It was such an old house it sometimes seemed to Lucy that all the past was gathered up inside it as if in a great box; as though it had a life of its own that continued to exist just beyond the reach of her eyes and ears. And did the amazing Mr Blunden, who knew so much about them, mean to hurt or help them? Could she really help those troubled ghosts from another age?

The cover shows Laurence Naismith in the Hemisphere production of  The Amazing Mr Blunden. Produced by Barry Levinson. Written for the screen and directed by Lionel Jeffries, the film also stars Lynne Frederick, Garry Miller, Rosalyn Landor and Marc Granger. The film is released by Hemdale.

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