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James Moffat – Queen Kong

Posted by demonik on April 29, 2010

James Moffat – Queen Kong (Everest, 1977)



The legend travelled far: from an unknown tropical island all the way to the heart of London.
It told of a great beast, fifty feet high, ruling a jungle where time stood still.
It told of a bizarre native sect of monster-worshippers.
It told of savage rites and human sacrifice.
The team of explorers set out to film the mythical giant. They found that the truth was even stranger than the legend.
For the beast was an ape.
A lady ape…



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Kingsley Amis – The Green Man

Posted by demonik on April 18, 2009

Kingsley Amis – The Green Man (Penguin, 1990: originally Jonathan Cape, 1969)


Photo: Barry Boxall

The Green Man’s Maurice Allington is a worldly publican, but haunted. His pub is inhabited by the spirit of Dr. Thomas Underhill, the seventeenth century scholar rumoured to have killed his wife. The local sexton had refused to dig Underhill’s grave. And the rector had declined to officiate at his funeral.

And there are skeletons in the cupboard of Allington’s own domestic affairs – just rattling to get out.

For review and alternate covers see Vault Of Evil forum

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William Drummond – Night Must Fall

Posted by demonik on April 18, 2009

William Drummond – Night Must Fall (Fontana, 1964)

A novel by William Drummond from Emlyn Williams’ spine-chilling play


Danny was gay, bawdy, irresistible …. and a vicious psychopath.

DANNY had loved a lot of women in his time. Loved them and left them. What, then, tied him to “Forest View” — a strange house­hold of three women… ?
MRS. BRAMSON: a rich and petulant old woman, now tied to a wheel chair, she domineered and bullied her way through life… until she met Danny.
DORA: warm-hearted, scatter-brained, she was an easy prey to Danny’s unscrup­ulous charm …
and OLIVIA: a girl whose desperate search for love led her down dangerous byways … to Danny!

Night Must Fall also stars Mona Washbourne, Susan Hampshire, Sheila Hancock, Michael Medwin. Directed by KAREL REISZ

See Vault of Evil forum for review

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