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Paul Monette – Nosferatu, the Vampyre

Posted by demonik on August 24, 2007

Paul Monette – Nosferatu, the Vampyre (Picador, 1979)

Paul Monette - Nosferatu

Based on the screenplay by Werner Herzog.

Nosferatu … The Undead … Count Dracula … a name that will always whisper of the unspeakable, of sensuous evil, of the pinnacle of the sado-erotic, of death that travels on silken batwings.

A lonely, wraith-like figure, doomed to wander forever in the realm of twilight in search of the alluring and lovely woman, whose destiny is to defeat him only by submission … the giving of herself from the dusk until dawn.

Nosferatu – the name under which the vampire myth first reached the screen – is now recreated by Werner Herzog as a sensual and haunting masterpiece of cinema. Eighty years after Bran Stoker’s Dracula, Paul Monette’s outstanding novel once more breathes life into the ultimate myth of evil …


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