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Morton Cooper – The Munsters

Posted by demonik on October 30, 2009

Morton Cooper – The Munsters (Avon, 1964)


A Monster-ously Funny Original Novel Based On The Sensationally Successful Spook-tacular TV Series.

The Munsters live in a great big haunted house – in fact they haunt it. They are like any family you might know, except that Pop is Frankenstein’s Monster in a kindly mood; Grandpa, the Count, is a semi-retired vampire; Mama is ghoulishly gorgeous and Eddie-boy likes to to perch in a corner of the ceiling with his pet-vulture. And then there is niece Marilyn. She’s – ugh – ¬≠beautiful! Ugh – normal!

Read the book and rock with laughter. Watch THE MUNSTERS every Thursday night on CBS Television.


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Kingsley Amis – The Green Man

Posted by demonik on August 23, 2007

Kingsley Amis – The Green Man (Penguin, 1988: originally Jonathan Cape, 1969)

Albert Finney in The Green Man

The Green Man’s Maurice Allington is a worldly publican, but haunted. His pub is inhabited by the spirit of Dr. Thomas Underhill, the seventeenth century scholar rumoured to have killed his wife. The local sexton had refused to dig Underhill’s grave. And the rector had declined to officiate at his funeral.

And there are skeletons in the cupboard of Allington’s own domestic affairs – just rattling to get out.

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Vic Crume – The Partridge Family #5: Terror By Night

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Vic Crume – The Partridge Family #5: Terror By Night (Curtis, 1971)

Partridge Family Terror By Night

“The Partridge Family is all set for a great vacation.

But fun soon turns to fear when night comes to their lonely beach house on the New England coast.

Somebody or some thing is out to get them … and when Keith tries to find out why, the rock star’s vacation becomes a nightmare …”

Despite the undeniable promise of what’s on offer here, the blurb is as far as I’ve ever got with it, I’m sorry to say. I keep meaning to read it, then I see the cover and kind of … lose the will to live.

But just to own a book by somebody called Vic Crume is a joy to me, I don’t mind telling you that.

Damn. I’m gonna give him his own tag.

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Roald Dahl – Tales Of The Unexpected

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Roald Dahl – Tales Of The Unexpected (Penguin, 1979, 1984)

Tales Of The Unexpected

Lamb To The Slaughter
Man From The South
My Lady Love, My Dove
Dip In The Pool
Galloping Foxley
Nunc Diminittis
The Landlady
William And Mary
The Way Up To Heaven
Parson’s Pleasure
Mrs. Bixby And The Colonel’s Coat
Royal Jelly
Edward The Conquerer

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