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Dan Greenberg – The Guardian

Posted by demonik on August 30, 2007

 Dan Greenberg – The Guardian (Berkley, 1990)

Dan Greenberg - The Guardian

Phil and Julie have everything going for them: a happy marriage, promising careers, and now a new baby boy. Into their lives comes Nanny, experienced with children and blessed with glowing recommendations. Granny brings Phil and Julie the kind of freedom every parent desires.

But maybe Nanny is too devoted. Slowly, seductively she assumes control of the entire household – until Phil finds his family at the mercy of a dangerous woman who will do anything to take care of them.

Phil and Julie can’t live without Nanny. And if they try, she might not let them live at all ….


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Randall Boyll – Shocker

Posted by demonik on August 30, 2007

Randall Boyll – Shocker (Berkley, 1990)


Mass murderer Horace Pinker was on the loose

…. and no one in Maryville, Ohio, slept soundly. They locked their windows. They bolted their doors. They prayed for their lives.

Then on October 2 at 6:45 a.m., Horace Pinker was put to death in the electric chair.

Now he’s really mad.

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Carl Dreadstone – The Classic Library Of Horror Omnibus

Posted by demonik on August 30, 2007

Carl Dreadstone – The Classic Library Of Horror Omnibus (Allan Wingate, 1978)


Carl Dreadstone - The Mummy

Introduced by Ramsey Campbell

The Mummy and The Werewolf Of London – two of the greatest horror films ever made, have inspired the two spellbinding novels in this volume.

The Mummy takes the reader back to the mysterious and fascinating world of Ancient Egypt – what hideous crime had caused the Grand Priest Imhotep to be buried alive? Thirty centuries later the answer remained a mystery. Yet somehow his deadly scroll of Thoth retains its power, fatal to all who come into contact with it. Beautiful Helen Grosvenor was vulnerable but Muller, a man who understood the secrets of the ages, battled against them for her sake, so too did a young archaeologist who loved Helen and then finally there was the courtly yet forbidding Egyptian Ardath Bey, the role played by the master of horror, Boris Karloff, tinged with an ancient guilt.

werewolf of london

The Werewolf Of London [by Walter Harris]  tells of the savage curse which followed William Glendon from the snows of Tibet to the fogs of London. Once honoured as a distinguished scientist he now cowers in his laboratory, revolted by his own weird transformation but unable to control it. Every phase of the moon brought destruction nearer and none knew more fully than he how desperate the danger – or how impossible the cure.

See Ian Covell on the confusing history of the ‘Carl Dreadstone’/ ‘E. K. Leyton’ Classic Horror series here.

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Frank De Felitta – The Entity

Posted by demonik on August 30, 2007

Frank De Felitta – The Entity (Pan, 1979)

The Entity

Carlotta Moran is a widow with three children, yet still young and attractive enough to build a new life … until something utterly hideous enters her world.

To the psychiatrists she is deranged, a hysteric on the brink of schizophrenia.
To the psychic researchers, she is undergoing experiences beyond the credibility of science.

Night after night she is ravaged by something that has no form, yet is possessed of malevolent intent and irresistible force.

Against her will, beyond her understanding, she has become the victim of a sexual scavenger from the outer reaches of the unknown … The Entity.

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