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Joseph Howard – Damien: Omen II

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2009

Joseph Howard – Damien: Omen II (Futura, 1978-1987)


From the Screenplay by Stanley Mann & Michael Hodges


Robert Thorn saw Satan in his child. And Thorn died violently. Seven years later, Damien has been adopted by his uncle. Richard Thorn commands an international industrial empire.
A position of awesome potential power.
A position for which Damien is the heir apparent.
And as he grows in knowledge, he grows in evil …


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David Seltzer – The Omen

Posted by demonik on August 17, 2007

David Seltzer – The Omen (Futura, 1978; originally Futura 1976)

” One night in Rome Robert Thorn, American diplomat, exchanges his still-born son for a new-born orphan. Only Thorn and the priest who arranged the unofficial adoption could tell the difference. Kathy and Robert Thorn called the child Damien.

Five years later in England Damien’s Nanny dies tragically … a ferocious black dog and an officious new Nanny mysteriously appear to guard the child … Kathy Thorn is badly hurt in a fall … and a wild-eyed priest tells Thorn that Damien is the spawn of the devil.

In an agonizing and frenzied search that takes him to Rome, Jerusalem and back to London. Robert Thorn begins to unravel the horrible truth …

* A powerful, spell-binding story of a child who is not a child and a man who must become less than a father and more of a man. *

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