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William Drummond – Night Must Fall

Posted by demonik on April 18, 2009

William Drummond – Night Must Fall (Fontana, 1964)

A novel by William Drummond from Emlyn Williams’ spine-chilling play


Danny was gay, bawdy, irresistible …. and a vicious psychopath.

DANNY had loved a lot of women in his time. Loved them and left them. What, then, tied him to “Forest View” — a strange house­hold of three women… ?
MRS. BRAMSON: a rich and petulant old woman, now tied to a wheel chair, she domineered and bullied her way through life… until she met Danny.
DORA: warm-hearted, scatter-brained, she was an easy prey to Danny’s unscrup­ulous charm …
and OLIVIA: a girl whose desperate search for love led her down dangerous byways … to Danny!

Night Must Fall also stars Mona Washbourne, Susan Hampshire, Sheila Hancock, Michael Medwin. Directed by KAREL REISZ

See Vault of Evil forum for review

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