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Dean Owen – The Brides Of Dracula

Posted by demonik on August 22, 2007

Dean Owen – The Brides Of Dracula (Monarch, May 1960)


Dean Owen - Brides Of Dracula

Not so much a straight novelisation, more a bizarre variation on the movie. Baron Meinster is still present and correct, bound by a chain to prevent his wandering abroad, but his nemesis, Lee Van Helsing, acts as if he’s never heard of vampires in his life. As with the film, despite the title, the Count isn’t involved in any shape or form. One of Owen’s innovations – the ending – preempts the climax of Kiss Of The Vampire by five years.


3 Responses to “Dean Owen – The Brides Of Dracula”

  1. Tim Hirst said

    The ending used in the book was not an innovation of the author. It was the original ending for the film, which was changed when Peter Cushing objected to the character of Van Helsing calling up the forces of darkness. This ending was later used in Kiss of the Vampire THREE years later

  2. Richard A. Ekstedt said

    It has now been reissued from BEAR MANOR MEDIA

  3. Violet said

    Terrific fun for this Hammer lover. How about reprints of Lust for the vampire, Scars of Dracula and Countess Dracula?

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