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Alexander Thynne – Blue Blood

Posted by demonik on March 28, 2011

Alexander Thynne – Blue Blood (Star, 1974)

Possessed by the devil in a MANSION OF MADNESS
An English Lord who covers the walls of his stately home with erotic art…
A beautiful wife caught up in the maelstrom of being a film star and international jet. setter…
A butler who can turn his hand to anything, until you wonder what he might turn his hand to next…
A young simple-minded nanny, a stranger in a still stranger setting…
And, at the centre of the mounting suspense, a young daughter whose mysterious cuts and bruises suggest the presence of forces beyond the imagination…

Thynne’s violent psychological thriller leaves it open until the final freakish finale when subtle suggestions of indefinable menace become reality.


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Antonia Barber – The Amazing Mr Blunden

Posted by demonik on December 22, 2009

Antonia Barber – The Amazing Mr Blunden (Puffin, 1972)


It was such an old house it sometimes seemed to Lucy that all the past was gathered up inside it as if in a great box; as though it had a life of its own that continued to exist just beyond the reach of her eyes and ears. And did the amazing Mr Blunden, who knew so much about them, mean to hurt or help them? Could she really help those troubled ghosts from another age?

The cover shows Laurence Naismith in the Hemisphere production of  The Amazing Mr Blunden. Produced by Barry Levinson. Written for the screen and directed by Lionel Jeffries, the film also stars Lynne Frederick, Garry Miller, Rosalyn Landor and Marc Granger. The film is released by Hemdale.

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Joseph Howard – Damien: Omen II

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2009

Joseph Howard – Damien: Omen II (Futura, 1978-1987)


From the Screenplay by Stanley Mann & Michael Hodges


Robert Thorn saw Satan in his child. And Thorn died violently. Seven years later, Damien has been adopted by his uncle. Richard Thorn commands an international industrial empire.
A position of awesome potential power.
A position for which Damien is the heir apparent.
And as he grows in knowledge, he grows in evil …

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Gordon McGill – Amityville 3-D

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2009

Gordon McGill – Amityville 3-D (Futura, 1984)




When John Baxter falls in love with the house at 112 Ocean Street, Amityville, he is not impressed by the tales of horror that come with it.

That is his first mistake.

His second mistake is to ignore the warnings: the bizarre ‘accidents’ to those around him, the sudden plunging into darkness, the freezing wind, the
mysterious photographs. Nothing can convince him.

Until the hand of death reaches out to touch his loved one. And suddenly he is caught up in the terror and anguish that every occupant of that
house has known – cursed forever, never to be free.

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