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Patrick McGrath – The Grotesque

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2007

Patrick McGrath – The Grotesque (Penguin, 1989, 1990)

Back cover blurb:
From a wheelchair parked in a corner of his crumbling Gothic mansion, Sir Hugo Coal ponders the events that led to his downfall …

It is the arrival of Fledge as the new butler of Crook Hall, in 1949, that heralds disaster. sir Hugo is reconstructing the skeleton of a dinosaur that will crown his palaeontological career. But at every turn he is frustrated: by Harriet, his neglected wife; by giggling Cleo, Sir Hugo’s adored daughter, and her limp fiance Sidney Giblet; by the sherry-supping housekeeper Mrs. Fledge; and by the insidious machinations of the wily Fledge himself.

Sexual tension and repressed violence, grim farce and black comedy all erupt when Sidney mysteriously disappears one night. According to Sir Hugo, there can only be one culprit. But between Fledge’s cunning and his master’s suspicions it is difficult to know whose imaginings are the darkest …


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