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Peter Saxon – Corruption

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2007

Peter Saxon – Corruption (Sphere, 1968)


Where will the bodies turn up next?

A brilliant surgeon becomes a multiple killer … to preserve the beauty of the woman he loves.

Himself responsible for the accident which disfigures her, Sir John Rowan performs a brilliant operation to restore Lynn’s horribly scarred face.

But the effects are short lived.

Spurred by his infatuation for her, he is forced to repeat in secret the dangerous but vital operation on Lynn’s face.

And each time he operates, a woman is found murdered … and disfigured.

Thanks to Andy (nightreader) of Vault for yet another brilliant scan.


One Response to “Peter Saxon – Corruption”

  1. Mark said

    Just a note to say that Corruption received a later printing in the UK in 1972 as a Five Star paperback. There is no mention of the film on the cover, which instead has a lurid (but nice) painting of a woman undressing.

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