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Dan Greenberg – The Guardian

Posted by demonik on August 30, 2007

 Dan Greenberg – The Guardian (Berkley, 1990)

Dan Greenberg - The Guardian

Phil and Julie have everything going for them: a happy marriage, promising careers, and now a new baby boy. Into their lives comes Nanny, experienced with children and blessed with glowing recommendations. Granny brings Phil and Julie the kind of freedom every parent desires.

But maybe Nanny is too devoted. Slowly, seductively she assumes control of the entire household – until Phil finds his family at the mercy of a dangerous woman who will do anything to take care of them.

Phil and Julie can’t live without Nanny. And if they try, she might not let them live at all ….


One Response to “Dan Greenberg – The Guardian”

  1. Samantha said

    I have read the book. It was actually very interesting and creepy. It is a easy read. If you seen the film The Guardian then you will enjoy the book and will see a lot of the things that were in the book were in the film. I liked that the wife was more developed in the book.

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