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Stephen King – Carrie

Posted by demonik on August 25, 2007

Stephen King – Carrie (Nel, 1980: originally in UK, Nel 1974)

Stephen King - Carrie

Carrie White was no ordinary girl. Carrie White had a gift – the gift of telekinesis.

And when, one horrifying and endless night, she exercised that terrible gift on the town that mocked and loathed her, the result was stunning and macabre.

Carrie 2


2 Responses to “Stephen King – Carrie”

  1. christine said

    Overrated, sleazy, trashy writer – Dreamcatchers anyone? On the other hand, these stinkair bullies are at least apt villains.

  2. coolio said

    Honestly. Carrie was one of the best Stephen King novels out there, and it was only his first (published) one. Brilliant.

    Also, the movies were excellent, though some were better than others.

    I’m talking to YOU, 2002 version.

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