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George Romero – Martin

Posted by demonik on August 24, 2007

George Romero – Martin (Futura, 1978)

George Romero - Martin

Martin was young and good-looking, a shy boy, perhaps even a little backward. But Martin had a secret, one he couldn’t share.

His uncle knew the family had brought the poison with them from the Old Country. He was waiting for the day he could destroy Martin and Martin’s evil.

Others knew – a woman Martin had met on a train, a woman he’d followed from the supermarket. But they were dead …

A chilling story of an ancient evil unleashed on a modern city.


One Response to “George Romero – Martin”

  1. “Martin” was a creepy little effort marred by some amateurish acting. Still, the most humane of all of Romero’s films, a little movie with a lot of character.

    Another favorite of mine, same era, same small budget, was “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death”.
    Anyone seen that one?

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