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Jean Rollins – Little Orphan Vampires

Posted by demonik on August 23, 2007

Jean Rollins – Little Orphan Vampires (Redemption, 1995)

“Now they wanted to find a throat to cut, a tender stomach to slit open with their sharp teeth, a plump pair of buttocks for them to sink their fangs into like hungry young wolves. Just thinking about it makes them lick their purple lips with their pink tongues …. The little orphan vampires dragged themselves up onto the cemetery wall and looked down over Paris…”

Redemption went in for some kind of pulp paperback revival in the nineties with reprints of Michel Parry’s Countess Dracula, Gordon Williams’ Siege Of Trenchers Farm, a Virgin Witch tie-in, etc. I never got into them, quite simply because they lacked the sheer production tackiness of the originals, but there’s no question they revived some class material (and, doubtless, some utter pretentious bollocks: anybody remember The Redeemer magazine?).


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