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Colin Wilson – Lifeforce

Posted by demonik on August 23, 2007

Colin Wilson – Lifeforce [The Space Vampires] (Grafton, 1985)

Colin Wilson - Lifeforce

Far out in the asteroid belt an alien spaceship of colossal dimensions is discovered. Initial investigations of its vast, gothic interior reveal a number of humanoids preserved in a state of suspended animation. At last, there is real proof that intelligent life does exist in other galaxies. But when three of the beings are brought back to Earth, disaster strikes. The humanoids are discovered to be vampires-preying on people’s life-fields, sucking the body’s energy with a kiss of death.
Suddenly one of the vampires – a female of extraordinary beauty and sexual allure – escapes. And the desperate hunt to track it down soon develops into a psychic struggle for the survival of the human race …


One Response to “Colin Wilson – Lifeforce”

  1. Ian Covell said

    “Panther Books reprinted Colin Wilson’s fine 1976 novel “The Space Vampires” as LIFEFORCE to tie in to the Cannon Group production released in 1985, starring Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Frank Finlay and the magnificent Mathilda May (who spends the entire film not wearing any clothes). As producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus never managed to produce five minutes of decent film anywhere, it’s hardly surprising that LIFEFORCE was abysmal and bombed at the box office. But read the book. It’s really very good.”

    ..actually I like the film a lot (and not just because of May (born “Karima”), though she could carry a film just by standing still) — first, it is _logical_, people don’t seem to listen to why the girl is so attractive [she is force-grown from a dream image].. second, they are upset by her nakedness (which makes it easier for her to survive).. and last, they don’t get the ending..

    [Anyway, the book was written in homage to a series of stories by A E Van Vogt, whose major strength is that his plots are driven by dreams – once you get that, you get the whole film]

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