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Simon Raven – Incense Of The Damned

Posted by demonik on August 22, 2007

Simon Raven – Doctors Wear Scarlet (filmed as Incense Of The Damned)

Simon Raven - Drs. Wear Scarlet

Beware.  This is a novel of horror – about a man’s passion for a dazzlingly beautiful Greek girl – a passion which begins innocently, but slowly turns into a fiendish nightmare.

All who knew of her shuddered at the mere mention of her name. Priestess of an ancient cult, she preyed upon the souls and bodies of her victims, so that little by little they were destroyed in order to satisfy her grotesquely loathsome lust.


One Response to “Simon Raven – Incense Of The Damned”

  1. Ian Covell said

    INCENSE FOR THE DAMNED has borne a few titles in its time, and been slashed to ribbons for its pains; strangely, most TV showings were complete [like the first C4 showing of THE ABYSS] but the cinema, video, and DVD were cut to varying degrees.

    Lately it seems to have appeared in its “full” version. I don’t have that, but I do have the cheap [market-stalls-for-a-quid] DVD titled BLOOD SUCKERS which cuts the “contentious” scene (nudity, sex, blood), and then prompty adds it onto the DVD as an “extra”… go figure.., do not walk, to your nearest market to buy one of the few films capable of displaying Imogen Hassall in all her glory (weird lady, sad short life)… Imogen.. Valerie Leon.. Rosalba Neri.. Anna Gael.. Yutte Stensgaard.. Linda Hayden.. Ava Cadell.. Gabrielle Drake.. Veronica Carlson.. Ingrid Pitt.. Kate O’Mara.. Madeline Smith… there were definitely numerous reasons to watch the horror films of that time..


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