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Gerald Savory – Count Dracula

Posted by demonik on July 27, 2007

Gerald Savory – Count Dracula (Corgi, 1977)

Savory - Count Dracula

The BBC costume drama was 115 minutes of fairly faithful adaptation of Stoker’s meisterwork, first shown on BBC2, December 22 1977. “Count Dracula”, based on an idea by Bram Stoker, featured Louis Jourdan, Susan Penhaligan, and some groovy “Top of the Pops”-style special effects involving a rubber bat. Effortlessly upstaging even these troopers, the Western grounds of London’s Highgate Cemetery, which were given at least as big a slice of the action as they had in Taste The Blood of Dracula. If memory serves, the entrance even doubled as Dr. Seward’s Asylum. This tie-in novel was written by scriptwriter Gerald Savory.

You’re probably better sticking with Stoker’s original, especially when it has a cover like this Arrow 1971 reprint.

Bram Stoker - Dracula

Or maybe it’s just me.


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