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Vincent Price Presents: The Price Of Fear

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

Vincent Price Presents: The Price Of Fear, Edited by Richard Davis (Everest, 1976)

Vincent Price – Vincent Price Presents …
John Dyas – Foreward
Richard Davis – A Few Words …

Rene Basilico – Fish
Roald Dahl – William And Mary
Stanley Ellin – Speciality Of The House
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
A. M. Burrage – The Waxwork
Elizabeth Morgan – Lot 132
William Ingram – Blind Man’s Buff
Richard Davis – Guy Fawkes Night

From the publishers of the elusive Ups & Downs Of A Handyman, Dr. Phibes collects his favourites from the BBC series he leant his name to back in the mid-‘seventies. No big surprises, but this is a strong selection ranging in subject matter from high street cannibalism, medieval torture, haunted portraits and a bad night at the Chamber of Horrors. Pan Horror fiends will know all about Davis’s truly terrifying contribution from #4.

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