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Stuart James – Jack The Ripper

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

Stuart James – Jack The Ripper (Monarch, Jan. 1960)

“Around the corner, Jack the Ripper peered into the swirling fog, ready for another foray against London’s harlots and prostitutes. With 29 murders behind him, every woman feared she would be the next target of this fiendish killer who ravished with a razor-sharp scalpel and left his victims gutted like fish in some dark corner.”

“I saw Joe Levene’s JACK THE RIPPER. It’s not for kiddies or even beatniks. The latter might be so scared they’d go to work!” – Hedda Hopper

Keep meaning to go back to this one for the wonderful Pub scenes and squirm-inducing mockney dialogue. Based on Jimmy Sangster’s screenplay (it’s the one where Jack gets crushed under a descending lift at the end and the film changes from B/W to colour).


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