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R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Monster Club

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Monster Club (Nel, March 1976: 1981)

[image] [image]

The Werewolf And The Vampire
Monster Club Interlude: 1
The Mock
Monster Club Interlude: 2
The Humgoo
Monster Club Interlude: 3
The Shadmock
Monster Club Interlude: 4
The Fly-by-Night

Dark and deep beneath the pavements of London’s Swallow Street, is the dark and dreadful place known as the monster club. Vampires and ghouls, Mocks and Shadmocks mingle with the macabre membership, lurking in the dark places, waiting to pounce on all that lives in the night …

A little man in a dirty raincoat faints in Charing Cross Road. When kindly Donald McCloud helps him to his feet, he complains of being famished. Donald takes him back to his flat for something to eat, but the old guy isn’t up for hot pot. He sinks his fangs into the young man’s jugular instead …

When he comes to, Donald finds the vampire has wrapped a towel around his neck to stop the flow of blood. The fellow’s name is Erasmus, and he’s a patron of the Monster Club: “Let me take you along as a guest, and if you like, I’ll put you up to the committee as a prospective member.” Donald isn’t so sure he’ll fit in, but soon finds himself ushered into a very happening dive. All the faces are there; the Bride of Frankenstein, assorted vampires, ghouls, aliens …

Erasmus introduces him to a miserable git named Manfred, a werevamp, who needs little encouragement to relate the sob story of how he came into being …

There’s a forum dedicated to all things The Monster Club and R. Chetwynd-Hayes at Loughville.


One Response to “R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Monster Club”

  1. Blood said

    Allways loved that story, The Monster Club, or those stories.
    Hail Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes!!

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