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Jeffrey Cooper – The Nightmares On Elm Street

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

Jeffrey Cooper – The Nightmares On Elm Street: Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Futura 1987, 1988, 1990)

Freddy Krueger, terrifying killer who slashed children to death with razor-sharp finger knives was dead – burnt alive by outraged parents from Elm Street.

Ten years had gone by since then, and only now were people sleeping peacefully at night.

But the nightmare was just about to begin …

Children are having hideous nightmares about a grossly deformed being with razor-edged fingers of death. Freddy is back, now neither man nor beast, but a chilling embodiment of evil itself. And as the nightmares become reality, and Freddy’s twisted will becomes the children’s command, panic, terror and murder stalk the streets of Springfield again …

The first three Elm Streets told in a trio of seventy page mini-novels!

I’ve never bothered with the movies and I’d not be surprised if this novelisation turns out to be total s**te. Then again, we are Vault and we are not ones to shy away from any book, regardless of how lethally unrewarding the experience is likely to be (unless it has the dreaded credit ‘Anne Rice’ on the cover).

So … What a find!


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