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Jack Oleck – The Vault Of Horror

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

Jack Oleck – The Vault Of Horror (Bantam, July 1973)

Midnight Mess
The Neat Job
This Trick’ll Kill You
Bargain In Death
Drawn And Quartered


welcome to Death’s waiting room, a vault of impenetrable concrete in which five doomed strangers seek comfort in confession only to discover that even more chilling evils await them …. Meet Rogers, whose greed for an inheritance gives a bizarre new meaning to the term “blood money” …. Maitland, who believes he can cheat death and his life insurance company, too …. Sebastian, the magician who discovers the ultimate “rope trick” ….. Critchit, the fastidious husband who berates his wife’s housekeeping skills one time too many and discovers just how meticulous she can be – about murder ….. And Moore, the embittered artist who dabbles in voodoo and death …. They are all captives in the Vault of Horror!


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