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Jack Oleck – Tales From The Crypt

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

Jack Oleck – Tales From The Crypt (Based on stories written by Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig and Bill Gaines: Bantam 1972)


Death Lives In The Vault Of Horror!

Trapped in catacombs that smelled of ancient death, five forsaken men and women poured out the foul secrets of their fetid souls to a strange, sinister, black-robed monk.

Maitland …. forever doomed to a living, waking nightmare. Joanne …. who wanted one thing from Santa Claus – murder. Elliot ….. the heartless young man received visitors from beyond the grave. Rogers …. who treated the blind and helpless like dogs; they turned the tables with razor-sharp vengeance. Jason ….. returned and returned and returned from the dead.

Five tormented people
Five terrible confessions
ONE long scream of terror at the end

All Through The House:

” … and a man described as a homicidal maniac has escaped from the Middleton hospital for the criminally insane. He is described as being six feet three inches tall, two hundred and ten pounds, dark eyes, long black hair, and he may be wearing a Santa Claus costume stolen from a shop in Burley.”

In this version of the festive fave, there are a few slight elaborations on the script. For starters, its made clear that Richard Clayton adores his wife, Joanne, and has done nothing much to deserve having his head caved in with a poker beyond being slightly unimaginative and failing to provide her with a better home than their “seedy little house in the suburbs.” Anyhow, Joanne having offed him, her plan is to dump him down the cellar stairs to make his death look like an accident – she even has a stroke of luck when he breaks his neck in the fall. But as James Mason recites A Visit From St. Nicholas on the radio and her daughter Carol excitedly interrogates her over whether or not Santa’s been down the chimney yet, the mad strangler shows up at the front door, “A man whose face, under the overhead entrance light, was shadowed, but not so deeply that she could not see the spittle drooling from one corner of his thick-lipped mouth. A man whose big hands opened and closed spasmodically”, and the siege is on …

Like the film, it is, of course, brilliant.


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