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H. G. Wells – Empire Of The Ants

Posted by demonik on July 25, 2007

H. G. Wells – The Valley Of The Spiders: Featuring Empire Of The Ants (Fontana, 1964: Feb, 1978 edn.)

“The Gigantic ants did not move in columns, but in open, spaced-out lines, oddly suggestive of the rushes of modern infantry advancing under fire. A number were taking cover under the dead man’s clothes.

He did not see them actually rush for the lieutenant … but he had no doubt they did make a concerted rush. Suddenly the Lieutenant was shouting and cursing and beating at his legs …”

Pollock And The Porrah Man, In The Avu Observatory, The Flowering Of The Strange Orchid, The Red Room, The Valley Of The Spiders, The Empire Of The Ants, The Moth, The Story Of The Late Mr. Elvesham, The Temptation Of Harringay, The Inexperienced Ghost, The Stolen Body, The Crystal Egg, The Door In The Wall.

Neat selection of Wells’ supernatural and horror fiction (although sadly lacking that most hideous of revenge stories, “The Cone”). Vampire Plants, voodoo, mutant insects and at least three classic ghost stories (“The Red Room”, “The Door In The Wall” and “The Inexperienced Ghost”) provide a marvellous introduction to Wells as master of the macabre.


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