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Frank Lauria – Communion

Posted by demonik on July 19, 2007

Frank Lauria – Communion (Corgi, 1977)

Not to be confused with the Whitney Strieber alien abduction opus, a nasty tale of sibling rivalry and multiple murders which gets in some serious taboo-trashing from the off when Karen is hacked to death and cremated – in a church – on the eve of her first Holy Communion. The killer escapes, but suspicion falls on her little sister, Alice, and soon any other person she has a problem with is gruesomely bumped off by a tiny in a yellow hooded raincoat (all the kids are wearing them). Alice protests that the culprit is her dead sis, back from the grave and lusting for vengeance.

I’ve not seen the movie but by common concensus it’s as under-rated as Lauria’s genuinely gripping novelisation.


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  1. […] lurked in the furnace room with that butchering little catholic girl from the book “Communion“. As quietly as I could, so as not to disturb their murderous  slumber, I slowly […]

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