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David Case – And Now The Screaming Starts

Posted by demonik on July 19, 2007

David Case – Fengriffen: A Chilling Tale (Hill & Wang, 1970: Lancer, 1970, 1972)

As And Now The Screaming Starts: Pan 1971 (?)

Pervading Evil …
Unholy Darkness …

Bewildered and terrified, a young bride finds herself powerless to resist the grotesque horror of an inhuman revenge … and within the accursed walls of Fengriffen Manor, a cycle of torment, lust and nightmarish dread draws even nearer to its hideous climax.

Late nineteenth/ early twentieth century. Charles Fengriffen has recently inherited his fathers estate. He and his young bride, Catherine, are very much in love, but from her first day at her new she grows sullen and withdrawn. Concerned that she no longer loves him and even more-so, that her odd behaviour will have dire consequences for their as yet unborn child, he turns to psychiatrist Dr. Pope. Pope learns that there are legends associated with the place, something to do with Charles’ grandfather’s disgraceful conduct toward a woodsman. Is that why the old fellow’s portrait is missing from the gallery?

Reprinted as Fengriffen & Other Stories with Among The Wolves and Strange Roots (MacDonald, 1971)
Reprinted again – minus the additional stories – as And Now The Screaming Starts: Pan 1973
. Reprinted as one of “10 of the world’s great short novels of terror and the supernatural” in the Mike Ashley edited The Mammoth Book Of Short Horror Novels (Robinson, 1988)


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